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    "The Elephant"
    Ground To Overhead accumulate anyway possible 10,000/7,000 pounds. 
  • Ex:  100 Clean and Jerks @100lbs / 100 Clean and Jerks @70lbs
  • Ex:  200 DB Snatches @50lbs / 200 DB Snatches @35lbs (100 each arm)
  • You can switch exercises at any point in the workout but remember that will be hard to calculate during WOD.   We will also allow Wall-Balls, KB or DB Snatches, and KB Swings.

    There are different methods to get this accomplished.  Start light and knock out as many unbroken reps as possible.  Or, start heavy and knock out a significan amount of weight first.  

    Bring a calculator and show up with a plan!!!