FCF #584

MetconFor Quality:350m Row10 KB DL350m Row10 Russian KBS350m Row10 KB High Pull350m Row10 KBSRest 3:00750m Bike10 SA KB FS (L)750m Bike10 SA KB FS (R)750m Bike10 Perfect Goblet SquatsRest 3:0050’ OH walk (L)50’ OH walk (R)8 Ring Dip/Push-up...

FCF #583

Warmup3 Rounds :20 Plank50’ Samson Lunge500m Bike15 BB Good Mornings5 Slow Controlled Perfect Pushups5 PVC Pass ThroughMetconRunning ClockEvery 4 mins for 16 mins12 Bench Press @75% of Bodyweight (modify to get 12 in a row)12 DB/KB Goblet Squats AHAP@22:004...

FCF #582

Warmup2 Rounds20 Calorie Row10/10 Bulgarian Split Squats15 PVC Pass ThroughsStrengthBack Squat “Die Set”Choose a weight you believe you can hit for 8-12 repsWarm up sets:8 reps @50% of working weight – Slow controlled pause squats6 reps @75% –...

FCF #581

WarmupShoulder Prep3 Rounds25 Single Unders5 Barbell Strict Press25 Single Unders:15 Bottom of Push-up Hold (no hips)Metcon3 Rounds4 min AMRAP15 Power Snatches 75/5515 Box Jump Overs 24/2015 Pushups Rest 2:00 bw RoundsSkill5 min EMOM10-35 DU or :30 DU 

FCF #580

Warmup4 Rounds200m Row10 Ys and Ts10 PVC Pass Through + 5 Sotts Press + 10 OHS5 Strict Pullups 5 Tripod HSPU OR Pushups Metcon3 Rounds30 DB Snatch 50/3520 TTB10 OHS 115/805 Strict Deficit HSPU 4/2”

FCF #579

Warmup5 min Bike/Row @70% (GET SWEATY!)Primer3 Rounds10 KB Tators:10 GHD Hollow Hold5 Strict Pullups/Deep Ring RowsMetcon24 min EMOMMin 1:  2 Squat Clean @70-80%Min 2:  10-20 GHDSUMin 3:  2-3 Rope ClimbsMin 4:  Rest