Here is an opportunity to read about some of our athletes and their experience with our unique program.

These athletes are just like you and I.  Normal jobs, husband, wives, mothers or fathers, or students. Each have their own love for the Furyan CrossFit Community.

Take your time and read through them you will love it



If you walk through our door with an open mind and with the intent to make yourself more physically fit, we will do everything in our power to not only make your stronger and healthier, but to make you all around more fit for life.

Our primary focus will be to use our programming to make (and keep!) you healthy without putting you at risk for injury. However, you will find, as many of our other members have, that what we teach at Furyan CrossFit will do more than just improve how much weight you can lift or how high you can jump. Possible other side effects will be better sleep, improved overall nutrition, improved self-confidence, better mirror selfies, expanded social circles, and a better understanding of yourself and what you are made of. What interests us is helping you to be your best you and we believe what we teach can guide you on your journey to uncover and realize your true potential.

Everyday is filled with the most incredible, hard working, and dare we say loving members that any facility could ask for. Come in and begin to understand what so many already know, you have nothing to lose as the first class is free!

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“I never had any intention of ever doing Crossfit; ever.

 Now nearly two and a half years later, I don’t know how I lived without it.”

How it Started

This journey started differently than most. I did not sign up for Crossfit. I wasn’t looking for Crossfit. Somehow, Crossfit found me. It was at a silent auction when I thought I was signing up for a golf package, but at the checkout, realized that I had placed the bid on the Crossfit at Furyan Crossfit in Latrobe. I figured I would send my fifteen year old son, and thought that would be the end of it. I called the Crossfit Box, and spoke to Nate Long, the owner and coach. Nate encouraged me to join my son, free of charge. “No thanks” I respectfully replied. Nate said, “If you have to drive 45 minutes to get here, you might as well stay too.” With that I reluctantly agreed to attend.


I was afraid. Everything that I had heard about with Crossfit seemed far too intense for me. I thought I would not be able to handle the rigor or have the strength to participate. Nate was attentive and worked alongside my son and me to ensure that we had the proper form on every foundational move. Not surprisingly, we came back for a second class, and then a third, and then the next month, another month, a year, a second year, and so on. We have seen positive results not only physically, but in every aspect imaginable. We find transference where we push ourselves in other endeavors in our lives. We feel valued at Furyan. The collaboration between everyone at the box is empowering. The commitment to Crossfit spans beyond the walls of the box.


We drive 45 minutes to go to Furyan. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. It’s all about the coach. The coach is the reason that you make the effort, make that kind of commitment, change the way that you eat, change your lifestyle, and realize the hidden potential that you have inside yourself. You dig deeply, more deeply than you every thought you could. You challenge yourself beyond anything you ever thought possible. Nate has made us realize that the change occurs because of our perseverance, but we know we could never have gotten to this point without his guidance.


The coach cares about every single athlete at the box. He modifies things to ensure that every person will have success. He encourages us and he believes in us. Nate creates a culture of success in the box. He inspires us to have personal goals that we try to achieve. His passion for what he does is evident. He is attentive, hands-on, and determined to ensure that we are finding our level of success. It never gets old to hear Nate to tell us that we are doing a good job. It means that we have proper technique, and that we are applying the skills that he has taught to us. We don’t give up. We show determination and effort now in all aspects of our lives.


Change is not easy, but it’s worth it. Nate has tapped into our potential and has allowed us to change, become stronger, be inspired, have commitment, demonstrate perseverance, and show determination. Nate truly emulates what it means to be a great coach. In the words of Tom Landry, “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see so you can be who you’ve always known you could be.” –Thanks, Nate.


I first started my Crossfit adventure 2 years ago this past July with Furyan Crossfit. I was really nervous at first when I was attending the on-ramp classes, I kept thinking to myself how I am ever going to remember these lifts and positions they seem really difficult since I never heard or did any Olympic weight lifting before starting Crossfit. I also was scared because I never really squatted a day in my life before coming into a Crossfit Box 95lbs was such a heavy weight on my back it felt like at first. I would get really frustrated at first because I had such a hard time doing the barbell exercises and it felt like I wasn’t improving at all there was times I thought about quitting. Coach Nate kept telling me to trust the process and to keep practicing the movements with PVC or just a barbell itself and eventually it all worked out from his supervision and my constant showing up and putting the work in I was able to perform the lifts efficiently and able to keep my form with heavier weights.

I really look forward to my training days with the Furyan Crossfit Community. Coach Nate always is there to tell me if I am doing something wrong and how to correct it. It really feels like we are a family while working out when everyone encourages everyone else to perform their best. I really trust the process Crossfit has established. I am amazed by what my body can do by sticking to it and putting in the hard work while I am training during the week! I really feel “machine like” when working out the body is capable of much more than we could ever imagine we just have to put the work in!!!

Some of my accomplishments throughout the 2 years in Crossfit is that I can front squat and back squat over 300 lbs! Now remember I barely could do 95 lbs when I first started. I competed in the River City WOD Games in a team of 4 back in 2016 and our team won 1stplace in our division. There is more I need to accomplish like getting those bar muscle-ups and ring muscle-ups and some HSPU but if I keep practicing them I will be efficient with them! Most important thing I have learned in Crossfit you can’t shy away from your weaknesses because they will be exposed during the workouts but every movement is scalable so you don’t have to be afraid of it at first just keep progressing into the RX movement when ready!

Last thing I want to say if you are on the fence about Crossfit give it a try you will not regret it! I feel like I am in the best shape of my life at 35 and could never go back to the boring workouts I used to do in a globo gym!